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First International 
Vintage Rides Competition

Prize reserved for leisure operators who 
own an original ride, still operating, 
manufactured prior to 1960

During Park Show International, to be held in Rimini from 27 to 29 November 2011, the first international competition will take place to award prizes for the best vintage rides.
The initiative is based on the increasing trend to reassess rides made before the introduction of new technologies, such as the use of fibreglass and moulds. Before these technical revolutions, all the figures used on attractions were unique items, true sculptures made from wood or sheet metal and shaped by hand. We therefore feel that the rides manufactured in those years, from the start of the century until around the 1960s, should be considered true works of art and consequently deserve recognition.
What does vintage ride mean exactly? The term “vintage” derives from old French “vendenge” (grape harvest), in turn coming from the Latin “vindemia” used to indicate wines from a particularly good year. Subsequently, the term has been used to indicate something from the recent past that represents its period and has qualities that remain unchanged over time.
We therefore have applied the adjective “vintage” to attractions made before the 1960s, that are still operating today, and that have taken on extra fascination due to their history, the fact that they’re witnesses to a past age, a way of bringing to life skills that have almost totally disappeared.
The initiative, sponsored by Facto Edizioni, the Italian association of travelling showmen SNISV/CISL and Bertazzon 3B rides manufacturer, will for the first time allow a sort of census to be carried out on vintage attractions still operating. The objective is to recognise their value from an historical-manufacturing point of view, being important works of craftsmanship, and to let the public once again experience the pleasure they still bring several decades later. The competition will help us highlight a heritage of attractions that are little known or underestimated.
All the rides entered in the competition will be exhibited in a special area inside Park Show International 2011 and will be the subject of a seminar, with the purpose of examining this interesting segment of rides that we could define as real living museums.
The prizes include both cash sums and diplomas for the quality and originality of the attractions.

The awards ceremony will be held in Rimini, Italy 
during the 2011 Golden Pony Awards gala



Article 1. Facto Edizioni, organisers of Park Show International 2011, in partnership with Fiera di Rimini, SNISV/CISL and Bertazzon, hereby announces the first edition of the ‘vintage ride’ competition for 2011.
Article 2. The competition is open to all leisure sector representatives, including park operators, manufacturers, showmen and simple enthusiasts. All types of rides that represent historic funfair attractions, made in the first half of the 1900s, are eligible to take part in the competition. True handmade works of art, made with techniques and materials that are no longer used, such as wood or sheet metal, and that are in good condition. To be eligible the rides must still be operating. 
Article 3. Entry forms can be downloaded from www.factoedizioni.it under the Park Show section. Entries must be received on or before 31 October 2011, complete with a detailed description of the ride and accompanied by some photos (maximum 5) of the ride.
Article 4. The entry fee is 70.00 (seventy) euro and must be paid into Italian post office account number 17689357 or by cheque made out to Facto Edizioni srl. Entry fees are non-refundable.
Article 5. All rides entered in the competition may be featured in the Games & Parks Industry magazine, without requiring further authorisation from the owners.
Article 6. All rides entered in the competition will be displayed in a special area to be set up at Park Show. The rides presented at the exhibition need to be removed within 24 hours of the end of the event.
Article 7. The organising committee, while doing everything it can to safeguard the rides presented, accepts no liability for any damage, fire or theft.
Article 8. The prizes will be awarded during the 2011 Golden Pony Awards gala.
Article 9. The rides entered in the competition will be judged by a panel made up of the following members: a university lecturer, a rides manufacturer, a journalist, a showmen and a representative of the architects’ register. The panel’s decisions are by majority vote. In the event of tied decisions the chairperson’s vote will be decisive. The panel’s decisions will be valid when at least 2/3 of its members have voted. The panel’s decisions will be announced during the awards ceremony and the list of prize winners will be published in Games & Parks Industry.
Article 10. Prizes will be awarded to the first three rides as decided by the panel, without appeal.
Article 11. Participants must accept all of these rules in order to take part in the competition.
Article 12. Members of the panel or their relatives up to the third degree may not take part in the competition.
If you want to enter the competition fill out the form below in its entirety 
and send it no later than October 31, 2011